Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Hand for Haiti

The overwhelming chaos and tragedy of the Haiti earthquake has shaken me, to say the least. I wondered what to do, all those people, and animals, who need help! For the animals, Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) is on this, and I will be leading a fundraiser for them at the local middle school. I know that there are countless of places to donate money to the people pf Haiti, but I just don't know where to start. I don't know, helping people has never been something that comes to me as easily and assisting animals. Donating to the local giving tree last Christmas was something new to me. Haiti needs help, what can I do? I wondered. Then, I found out that Lauren of Celiac Teen was struggling with the same thing, and she came up with a brilliant contribution. We might not be able to to go to Haiti and treat the wounded, or donate millions of dollars, but we can cook. I can cook. The blogosphere working to together with a common goal- helping Haiti, by doing what we love best.

A Hand for Haiti the recipes that make the blogosphere feel at home e-book is now available for purchase. The minimum price is $10, but you can give more as an extra donation. And, the Canadian government will match all donations made up to February 12. So buy your copy now, and see if you can spot yours truly of page 74! That's right, I'm in a cookbook. A dream come true.... and it goes to a good cause, too.

I contributed my adaptation of chocolate pudding cake, a very rich and homey dessert in my family. There are also 86 other recipes, ranging from breakfast to dinner, from sweet to savory. Some recipes are vegan, some are gluten-free, and even if you can't eat every single recipe in the book, there's something for everyone. There's even something for the people of Haiti.


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