Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Festive Times

Wow- Christmas is gone already? And 2010 just around the corner?

Well, hope all you folks had a fantastic holiday like I did, and Happy New Year to you! I was blessed with the Christmas gift of a Canon EOS digital Rebel Xt and have had a jolly time twiddling with it all week. Unfortunately, having gotten the camera used, it didn't come with a computer hook up so I can't show off any of my photographs (just as well, the pictures have been a bit unpredictable). I thought I might instead show you a photograph close to my heart...

You may recognize this photo, as it's appeared on the blog once before and is my profile picture. It depicts last Christmas- Sisters Vi and PJ (rats) enjoying cookies nestled in the tree. As this year's holiday progressed, I couldn't help but think of PJ, wishing she were with us.

How things changed with our menagerie (of pets): just this year we lost a cat and PJ, and adopted three degus and three bunnies. How things change! Many bloggers have been saying '09 was a drag, and relish the opportunity to start a fresh decade. I disagree, with the bad 2009 part. It been be quite a year- for learning, personal growth (both mentally and literally- it's amazing how many inches you can grow in just 365 days!), and new beginnings. I have read many life changing books, developed more love and bonds with animals, and I feel prepared for the new decade.

The blog will be undergoing some changes, too. I'll be adding more features for easier navigation, indexes, etc.. I have one New Year's resolution right now- post more regularly!

Of course I have my other resolutions, but I think I'll wait till New Years Eve to put them on paper, for now I just want to enjoy the life and love of the last couple days of the year.


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