Saturday, August 29, 2009


About three months ago, the family adopted three degus from River's Wish Animal Sanctuary in Spokane, WA. They were, I believe, rescued from a rodent breeding facility. These degus are about 7 years old (I think), and absolutely hilarious. They have come a long way since they got here. I hope you enjoy these photos!

This is the cage we built for them (they are on the top three floors, and the rats are on the bottom two floors. The two rodent groups are separated, of course). It's not as big as the cage they were in at the sanctuary, but they get out to play in Degu Disneyland (way below).

I think this picture was taken shortly after they arived at their new home. Their names are Cesar (boy), Jesse (boy), and Artemis (the only girl). Naaawwwww......

We have a tin of mixed seeds (from our garden, such as parsley seeds) that we sprinkle around their cage for a delicious challenge! This degu is foraging for his (or her, it's hard to tell) favorite seeds.

They just can't get enough!


This is Degu Disneyland. There are containers underneath the fabric, holding it up so the degus can run under it. The basket, box, and hidey hole, all from their cage, are also fun features. The degus love to chew more holes in the fabric so they can have more entrances and exits!


For Degu Disney Land, all the stuff that isn't already found in their cage, is displayed here....

.... And packed into this multi-use bucket for easy storage! The bucket is something the degus like to crawl in. It's just a really old Lincoln Log bucet that has been painted.

"Hoped you enjoyed these pictures"

-Artemis, Cesar, Jesse, and VEGirl


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